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unknown159 July 5, 2013 20:18

Missing face error from FLUENT even after repairing mesh + other questions
I am an amateur at using ICEM CFD for I only started 2 weeks ago and I am having some trouble with my mesh. I am currently trying a create an axisymmetric triangular mesh for a pressurized cylindrical capsule + cap system. The capsule and caps are both walls, the line at the bottom is the axis of symmetry and the other 3 lines around the perimeter are pressure outlets. The mesh will later be imported to FLUENT and set a certain pressure inside the capsule. Using the large eddy simulation (LES) and also the viscous-laminar model,I will analyze the formation of vortex rings.

I have tried meshing it several times by creating surfaces and then using the surface mesh setup (with a size of 0.05, all tri, and patch dependent or autoblock settings) to compute the mesh. I have tried meshing the inside and outside of the capsule as either the same surface or separate regions. Either way, when I imported the mesh into FLUENT, there was a critical error that reads "missing face" error. I tried checking the mesh and repairing the mesh for uncovered faces and still got the same error.

I attached a .zip file of my mesh and also a .jpg of the geometry of my system for reference.

Q1. Can someone help me figure out what is wrong with my mesh? Is there a better strategy to creating the mesh?

Q2. In the geometry, I made a small gap between the capsule (the large rectangle) and the cap (the smaller rectangle) to allow the cap to move. Both parts have boundary conditions set to "wall". Is it possible to create the geometry without a gap and still have the cap move due to the force of the pressurized fluid within the capsule?

If it isn't possible without a gap, how would I mesh the gap area? I had lots of problems with the gap. For example, while creating the capsule part under "create parts", I only highlight only the capsule region. However, after computing the mesh, ICEM would extend that line, connecting it to the cap part. Is there a way around this problem?

Image of geometry:

ICEM files of my mesh:

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