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cfd seeker July 6, 2013 09:42

Bottom-Up Block in ICEM
Normally in ICEM we start with a large block, make some splits according to geometry, some associations and adjustments etc for hexa meshing. This is what we call as Top-Down approach.

Now my question is it possible in ICEM to start with Bottom-up approach i.e make vertices, join them with edges and then associations and further process at a desired location in the geometry. Is it possible? If yes then what's the procedure?

I don't know but I always like this way of working because often I got confuse in making proper associations after the initial splits.

Can anybody share his/her ideas???


Far July 7, 2013 04:33

Yes it can be done.

But we can not start with vertices or edges. Minimum starting level is 2d blok either from points/location or directly.

For 3d block, you can start from either from 2d blocking (2d to 3d blocking) or from 3d block and extrude it to get the required mesh.

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