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dawdybishop July 15, 2013 05:29

Generating Hexa-Core with ICEM CFD Interactive
Hello all,

I am attempting to generate a hexa-core mesh with ICEM CFD Interactive from the ANSYS Mesher. I have tried both Patch Independent Tetrahedrons and MultiZone methods to get into ICEM CFD, I generate my mesh fine and ensure all the part names etc. remain unchanged (as stated necessary in this video tutorial I am attempting to follow : ) but cannot get it to accept the mesh back into the ANSYS mesher - I always receive the error: "The following entities with objects scoped to them were unable to have mesh data correctly associated with them. Try removing the object scoped to these entities or try another mesh method to get a successful mesh."

For the mesh generation I am not using the blocking -> pre-mesh -> convert to unstructured mesh method described in the video (this works) as I don't wish to block and mesh this way when the automatic Octree gives me exactly what I require; I am instead computing a volume mesh with a Hexa-Core using the Octree method (and then some other tweaks but this is the stage at which it then fails to bring the mesh back in).

The mesh is shown in ANSYS Mesher just as I want it to be, but because of the error it won't save out the meshing database. It's very frustrating as when I stumbled upon the ability to launch ICEM CFD out of ANSYS Meshing I was very pleased as it seemed to allow 'the best of both worlds' - allowing me to mesh certain parts with ICEM as required while generating the uncomplicated parts with the ANSYS mesher and then bringing it all together.

I'd appreciate any help anyone can give me, I've tried to include as much detail on my process as I can but if any more information is required please let me know.

Many Thanks.

yhqiao October 31, 2017 21:50

Hi, did you solve this problem? I am struggling in the same situation now.

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