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ahmadreza July 17, 2013 09:30

Volume Orientations Error ON Propeller
For My Master Project I need to have full structure Mesh on Ship Propeller

I can produce it but i have bad element (bad mesh) on tip of blade because of Leading edge of the blade is Sharp (Line)

Front of Leading edge I have Triangle Block ( I Know That is bad but i don't know How to modify it)

check Mesh ICEM 14.0 Shows:


the element is too bad and shows Volume Orientation Error

Please Help me How to Modify my Block


ahmadreza July 17, 2013 10:55

Blade Tip is a little blunt
Blade leading edge is Sharp
Blade Trailing edge have fillet
I can’t collapse it because I have a rotary domain ( I need Two Domain For Define In Fluent & …) and I Produce A total block and I segment it to 4 block
and next time I segment whole of block to O-block
So I have 1 Block for 7 blades I segment it and ………

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