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raha August 11, 2013 10:07

mesh the static mixer
I want to mesh a static mixer like what you see in picture with t-grid method
i create the geometry in solid work and then import to gambit but i have some problems in meshing
is there anyone to help me?
when i subtract 2 volumes to obtain flow domain i face with problem
is this true : first mesh the surfaces of mixer and then mesh the flow volume ?
thanks in advance

-mAx- August 12, 2013 05:06

and what is the problem?

raha August 12, 2013 09:57

My problem is that I cannot subtract two volume to create flow region because I face this error : cant operate on volume v_volume.6 with associated non-real geometry

and when I try to convert v_volume.6 to real I face this error : only faces with mapped mesh can be converted to real

-mAx- August 13, 2013 00:38

*open new session
*import your solidwork files
*check if imported volumes are real
*if yes do the substract operation now

ghost82 August 31, 2013 06:18

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In the past I simulated the same type of static mixer; my approach in building geometry was:
- autocad for internals, very easy with the "twist" command
- import into gambit exported .sat file
- build into gambit the cylinder, with a diameter slightly smaller than the diameter of the internal
- volume split operations to cut smaller volumes of internals, external to the cylinder
- subtract operation to have the fluid volume

You can directly mesh the volume with tetra, or if you want to control your mesh you have to mesh faces first.


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