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Thermal_engg September 8, 2013 17:26

Problem with Named selections/stairstep mesh
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Hello everyone,
I have been working on a geometry which is completely closed loop and is somewhat rectangular and bifurcates in to two branches at a point and then rejoins the main line some distance later.

I need to be able to adequately capture the turbulent boundary layer,so I added some inflation layers in the Mesher.Initially the mesher was giving the message "Inflation caused stairstep mesh at some locations".

To avoid the above message,I reopened the design in ansys DM and sliced the geometry at the 4 junctions using "Plane slice" option.Then again opened the mesh in the Mesher and meshed using the same conditions as before,and this time it does NOT give any error.

So now I proceed to create named selections of various parts.As soon as I am finished with named selections,Mesher shows the "mesh update" icon.Very well, I update the mesh again and I start getting the errors like "Stairstep creation...." again alongwith a new error "Pre-inflation method stopped....".
Am I committing some silly mistake here?Any help is appreciated.
I am attaching picture of the geometry.

jrunsten September 13, 2013 03:40

Where is your stair stepping? If it occurs because the inflation layers of different walls are interfearing with each other, then you need to change the height of you total inflation or change to layer compression instead of stair stepping.

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