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fmcc789 September 12, 2013 13:13

3D Meshing help needed for novice!
Hi all,

I went to a course on Fluent and their alternative meshing program, but I have now found out for my purposes, ICEM is much better. Sadly I am not at all familiar with it!

My situation is that I imported an STL file of a 3D locust head in to ICEM CFD. It has a very uniform nice faceted surface so I have converted this directly in to a mesh using the Edit > 'Facets -> Mesh' option. I also imported a large cuboid to act as my fluid region and I have lined up the locust head inside this, with the aim being to analyse flow over this whole model (nothing inside the head..)

I have defined parts on the fluid region for 'Inlet', 'Outlet', and 'Wall'

I have also used 'Create Body' and using material point option I selected relevant points for the fluid region and separately for the locust head.

So, to make things clear, in the control tree, I have 'Inlet', 'Outlet', 'Wall', and 'Head' under parts, and also have a Mesh > Shells entry because I converted the facets to mesh.

Now I have several questions:

1. Do I now delete the head geometry (to just retain the head mesh)?

2. How do I create a volume mesh for my fluid region? When I try and mesh anything, it just builds up a volume mesh inside the HEAD, with nothing in the fluid region. I don't think I even need a volume mesh inside the head, is that correct?

Any help is greatly appreciated, apologies if any of these questions seem terribly stupid!

Many thanks in advance,


fmcc789 September 12, 2013 13:15

I should also add, I also don't have a surface mesh on the fluid region either, and would also appreciate any help in achieving this first!

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