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macfly September 22, 2013 13:36

Is it possible to use Workbench derived parameters in a DesignModeler geometry?


Is it possible to, somehow, write expressions in the Design Parameters tab of DesignModeler? Does Ansys plan to implement expressions in this tab?

See the pdf, I would like to derive x2 from x1 and y1, and use x2 in DesignModeler, but I don't want to derive x2 in the Parameter/Dimension Assignments since it's not an effective way to work when you have a geometry with more than 100 parameters.

Thanks in advance,

Vidyanand Kesti September 23, 2013 01:07

best you can use the excel sheet and attch in workbecnch and connect to the DM,Design parameter tab will work properly for expression as well and u can check with check tab and find the error.

macfly September 23, 2013 08:53

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I'll see what I can do with an excel sheet in Workbench, thanks.


Originally Posted by vidyanand.kesti@mann-humm (Post 453038)
Design parameter tab will work properly for expression as well and u can check with check tab and find the error.

I have version 14.5 of DesignModeler and I never found a way to write expressions in the Design Parameters tab. Do you have a newer version?

See the attached pictures, the expression in the Design Parameters tab is not recognized, x2 doesn't appear in the Check tab nor in the Parameters list in Workbench. Is there a special syntax to write expressions in the Design Parameters tab? I read nothing about that in the user guide.

I know expressions work in the Parameter/Dimension Assignments tab but, as I said in my 1st post, I want to avoid that because it's a cumbersome way to work when the geometry has a lot of interrelated dimensions.

I regularly look at the the Check tab to see if my stuff is all right.

macfly September 23, 2013 13:13

I just found out that in Workbench an expression for a parameter has to be entered in the properties table of a given parameter, not in the value case... Everything is fine now, I can interrelate whatever parameters that I create, nevermind this thread.

alnaufra April 26, 2017 09:38

Integer parameter
related to that issue, i have a derived parameter in the Parameter tab that i then use in DM, but the thing is that i want the Whole number resulting of the expresion and i can't find the way of obtaining it.
I Found NINT() for mechanical ADPL but doesn't work in the parameters tab of workbench.
I someone know how to do it i'll be really glad :)
Thanks in advance

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