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kkpal September 24, 2013 11:55

From Autocad to Gambit, what is the mesh strategy?
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Dear all,

I'm new to gambit and now I need your help!

I'm simulating flow around cylinders with various adaption, one of which take the following look(Fig 1).

I did this cylinder in autocad, exported as a .sat file, and then for mesh it was imported to Gambit. I built a bigger domain around the cylinder, and tried meshing it by specifying the interval count of each edge, And then rather than using the FACE MESH, I went to the VOLUME MESH directly. At last it came to this(Fig 2).

Since I'm using OpenFOAM, again I converted this mesh file to OF, and viewed the mesh in ParaView(Fig 3, the two face with mesh intersect at the Z axis of the cylinder).

From Fig 3, it could been seen that mesh very near the cylinder and top/bottom face is well meshed, however, the quality in the middle is not satisfactory. I don't think this kind of mesh will give me good result in my simulation.

The main problem of this thread is, when imported from Autocad, how do we usually mesh the domain between the boundary and the cylinder? Is it possible to create structured mesh like Fig 4 in Gambit?

Thanks in advance!

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