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blgypeng September 26, 2013 01:03

[icem] split geometry to mesh
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Hello everybody,

I am new to the forum and just started entering the field of CFD. Please be patient with me :)
For my bachelor thesis I will be working with the CFD study of a Wind Turbine.
i use icem cfd to mesh structure grid .now i have two ways to mesh.
1 one geometry split to sub-geometry ,and mesh individually.
2 use multiblock to mesh .

my questions is :when i use multiblock to mesh how to do in the interface .because the parameters of edge belong two block is not equal in the interface.

or in the first way ,how to meger the sub-mesh for a entire mesh .i found that separate to mesh ,the quality is high ,may be i have not find correct block .
who can heip me solve the promble ?

may be i not speak clearly .this is 3 piture.

Thank you for your attention.

FJSJ October 2, 2013 04:28

First of all, what is your domain? The mesh that appear in these pictures is refered to your complete domain? If I were you, firstly I try to get a blocking of all your geometry (including the blade). If you donīt get it try to define a subdomain near blade and other one with the rest of domain.

ahmadreza October 2, 2013 14:43


You must avoid to make triangle block

you must make small block near the hub and make to square block above it

you must show your geometry with mesh not just show your mesh !!!!1

blgypeng October 5, 2013 00:05

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FJSJ, thank u for your reply. As you said,I try to get a blocking of all geometry (including the blade) and sucessed to mesh geometry. output the mesh,input the mesh to fluent and check,appear a message is "WARNING: Unassigned interface zone detected for interface 22;WARNING: Unassigned interface zone detected for interface 23;WARNING: Unassigned interface zone detected for interface 24."
I guess the problem also is interface,and check the mesh in icem,found the interface between the block has two layer face mesh. The left interface side of the block is Y block.Maybe the problem was caused by Y block. icem
the block and geometry file : In accordance with the picture to download the file.
please help me look the problem.
waiting for your suggestions.

Far October 5, 2013 01:52

The way you made interface and blocking is not a good idea, specially at the blade tip. Make continuous blocking...

blgypeng October 5, 2013 10:11

thank you suggestion, now i make a continuous blocking,but i have a problem,when i use Y block to split triangle geomtrey,at the same time,the original interface has change,Or between the block generate the,i dont know how to do.

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