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arunzz41 September 27, 2013 15:39

Prism Layer and Delaunay
i hv been going through the tutorial Guide of Ansys ICEM 14.0.

1. In the last two examples (ie, helicopter & Aorta ) they converted the octree to Delaunay. Why??

2. What is mean by floating of prism layer ??

3. Is there any advanced tutorials or study materials on ICEM 14.0 ??

Please help me. I'm trying to learn ICEM.

thank you.

PSYMN September 29, 2013 00:03

1) Octree mesh has very sudden 2 to 1 transitions as it refines. This is not ideal for many solvers, so users like to replace it with a delaunay fill. This gives you the robust patch independent advantage of octree to get your surface mesh and sill gives you the nice smooth delaunay transitions. I recommend smoothing the triangles a lot before running delaunay for best results.

2) When ICEM CFD users refer to floating the prism, they mean not setting the initial or total height. It takes 3 of 4 possible inputs to fully define a prism layer, by leaving off 2 of the 4, you allow the algorithm to set the initial height such that the final prism volume is similar to the adjacent tetra. This smooth volume transition is better for most solvers. I am not sure why the word "float" is used. I guess it is trying to give the feeling that the prism height is somewhat free (like a boat on the water) and not fixed or constrained.

3) Yes, there is an advanced tips and tricks ppt. It was last updated in 2010. Here is a link to the pdf.


arunzz41 September 29, 2013 03:25

Thank you for your reply..i will look into the pdf. thank you.

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