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kailingkk October 5, 2013 05:09

[ANSYS MESHING] Creation of Cell Zones for processing in FLUENT

I am building a simulation of a 3d box falling into a tank of water. I am trying to create cell zones for this project, however, after creating named selections for the box, the tank, inlet and outlet etc, only the tank appears when I proceed to setup under Cell Zone Conditions. May I know why is this so? Is there a criteria for FLUENT to process the named selections to become Cell Zones?

Also, I am not very sure what I should classify as cell zone: i.e. in the ANSYS tutorial, 2D box falling into water, they have "fluid" and "moving_fluid" as their Cell Zones. Can anyone enlighten me on what are those 2 cell zones? Do I have to create another cell zone for the moving box (solid)? I am unable to open the mesh file to check as it is an imported mesh.

Thank you :p

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