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c120613 October 17, 2013 06:52

create block 2D to 3D
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Hi all, I am quite new in ICEM and at the moment I got issues when I create blocks if they are transformed from 2D to 3D. In the 2D prospective what I did it was to create several blocks and in particular that around a blade of a cascade. Then, after having developed the blocks in the third dimension and having made associations to the curves and surfaces I can start to see the mesh around the blade itself (see attached figure). Then, I applied the periodicity to get a blade cascade (with the command: Transform blocks -> Copy periodic blocking). However, I got a couple of issues at the moment when I do that: -although I choose to apply the periodicity only for the parts made by blocking system around the single blade itself, any other geometric entities and surrounded blocking are also copied; - also, by doing the periodicity, the associations for all of other blades are relative to the original blades (see attached figure). Is it a problem of the definition of the part? Since the periodicity command asks the definition of a part I tried the following two conditions: 1. I created one part which consists of the blocks that surround the original blade. 2. I created one part which consists of the blocks and blade that surround the original blade. Both of these conditions gave me the same problem of associations. Do you have any idea about what I should do? Many thanks in advance Domenico

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