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leo_NM October 23, 2013 08:57

Geometry Problems - Cone nozzle
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Good Morning

I'm generating one unstructured mesh in ICEM.

The process:

-- Import from CATIA v5

--Density Box around the geometry

--Seed: 4096 / robust Octree / sizes: {geometry 12} {fluid: 1024} {FF: 4096}/ prism layer: default settings


--check mesh

--Quick Delaunay

-- export fluent

The problem is that the geometry doesn't seem perfect when I'm pos-processing it. Is that a problem with the unstructured mesh ?

The picture shows it:

thanks !

stuart23 October 24, 2013 22:09

For such a simple geometry you could easily use patch dependant or structured.

If using structured, the blocking topology for this is pretty straightforward.


Far October 24, 2013 23:51

On ansys portal you can find the blocking files for this case along with step by step guide (three different approaches depending on the angle of cone).

leo_NM November 1, 2013 09:18

Thank you guys !

I divided the geometry nozzle in parts and put small sizes for the critical parts.

The mesh sizes were too big for that part of the geometry so the elements were distorcing the nozzle.

I'm trying to generate the structural grid as suggested too. It is simpler than I thought it would be.

Thanks !!

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