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asoltoon October 28, 2013 08:48

Mesh elements conflict geometry's surface
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Hi to everybody,

I am trying to make an structured mesh around a wind turbine blade(in the fluid domain). But the problem is that the mesh elements near the blade's surface cross it and comes in the solid domain and this is undesirable. I have attached 2 images of my problem. I would be thankful if anybody can help me on this.


cesarcg October 28, 2013 13:42

Have you checked if all the associations of the blocking to the geometry are correct?

asoltoon October 29, 2013 03:21

I have checked it twice but I'll check it again,
thanks for the reply

cesarcg October 29, 2013 21:53

Check for the association of faces to surfaces. I've had similar a problem to yours and found out that the association was taken in a wrong way by the default setting of ICEM.


kad October 29, 2013 23:01

Like cesarcg said it looks like an associaton error. It could help to add a few splits in z-direction especially in area of high curvature and associate edges to geometry there. Hexa might not work properly if your blocking does not represent the geometry good enough in these areas, even when associations are displayed correctly. Also run check blocks and fix inverted.

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