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papis October 31, 2013 13:52

Design Modeller create surface
Hello people

I have a very frustrating problem with DM.I am new to DM so the obvious is not so easy.
Here is my problem.

I want to create the surface of a wind turbine blade.I have the blade x,y,z coordinates in a structured manner(257 points coordwise 131 strips spanwise)

For importing the geometry I use 3d curves concept

1)I cannot import the whole geometry because maximum points is 10000(that can't be right?).I split the file in 4 different files and it works

2)For each curve an explicit line body is created.At the end I have 131 line bodies.I want to create a skin loft surface.However I must create a separate namespace for each one of my bodies to create the loft.Is there an automated way to do that?Why can't I create a loft from the line bodies(which in my opinion is the obvious).I could use let's say 10 of my bodies(because 131 namespaces by hand is not the best workflow...).Then I would lose the details of my geometry.

3)Is there a way to import a surface from a text file?

I mainly want to use DM as preproccessor for the geometry before importing it into ICEM.Isn't the DM the proper tool for that ?Maybe it would be better if I used a CAD software like Autocad,SolidWorks?

Thank you

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