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lehoanganh07 November 3, 2013 10:42

Hexahedral and polyhedral cell problems
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Hi everyone,
I try to make structure mesh for my model (nozzle). I make quadrangle cell for nozzle hole and mapped face meshing for my model like picture below. But when I ran and check the mesh in Fluent, it warning that:
WARNING: The mesh contains high aspect ratio hexahedral
or polyhedral cells.
The default algorithm used to compute the wall
distance required by the turbulence models might
produce wrong results in these cells.
Please inspect the wall distance by displaying the
contours of the 'Cell Wall Distance' at the
boundaries. If you observe any irregularities we
recommend the use of an alternative algorithm to
correct the wall distance.
Please select /solve/initialize/repair-wall-distance
using the text user interface to switch to the
alternative algorithm.

Could you help me to fix this problem, I did not find /solve/initialize/repair-wall-distance they said to repaired the mesh. Furthermore, could you suggest me how to make quadrangle for the region in red circle!

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