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djchilli November 20, 2013 06:29

ICEM CFD meshing for a complex geometry
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Hello everyone,

I'm a complete beginner in ICEM CFD and I would like some help. I have basically created a heat exchanger model in SolidWorks which I then imported to ICEM CFD to mesh. There are basically 21 rectangular channels which I successfully meshed. I have left triangular gaps in between the channels as you can see in the image, which I plan to mesh later. I have also meshed the outer boundary which is basically like a disk.

Attachment 26894

Attachment 26895

Attachment 26896

I'm finding it difficult to mesh the outlet and inlet basically. I modeled the outlet just like the 3d pipe junction in the tutorial so I could learn from the example, but it's not meshing it right, I think its because of the interface.

Attachment 26897

The inlet is basically a cylinder, but Im unable to mesh it properly too, possibly because of the interface at the other end of the inlet.

Attachment 26898

I would appreciate guidance on how to go about this, because I'm a complete beginner and I've been trying this for weeks without any results.

Thanks in advance

djchilli November 21, 2013 01:51

can someone please help me? I'd really really really appreciate it.

jpando January 10, 2014 13:26

You need to setup the blocks for each part of the junction then create an o-grid on the faces which represent circles.

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