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Shun HOMMA January 16, 2014 02:49

ICEM CFD Meshing for a 3D Ahmed body
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I am simulating the flow around a 3D Ahmed body (Fig.1) using OpenFOAM and I want to make the computational grid by ICEM in ANSYS.
At first, I created the hex-mesh grid by o-grid, but some grids near the front of the body have a large skewness (Fig.2) and the grids of the surface weren’t vertical to the body (Fig.3).
So, I tried to make the grid by multi-block (Fig.4). I separate the computational domain to two regions. “Region A” is near the front of the body and “Region B” is the other area. In “Region A”, the interface surface grid (shell mesh) was made by hex-mesh only, so to merge to “Region B”. Volume meshes were made by tetra-mesh (Fig.5). I choose Tetra/Mixed for mesh type and Quick (Delaunay) for mesh method. However, this method don't make meshes in shear-layer (Fig.5) and the skewness of the mesh was too high for using it in OpenFOAM.
I can make the mesh in shear-layer well by using tetra-mesh (interface surface is triangle).
So, please teach me some solutions of these.
l How to improve the mesh in shear-layer and skewness of tetra-mesh
l Other solutions of making the grid using hex-mesh.
l How to merge the triangle mesh surface to the quadrilateral mesh surface
I hope someone apply.


Far January 16, 2014 03:12

following links may be helpful to you.

Shun HOMMA January 16, 2014 03:49

Thank you! I will check as soon.

Far January 16, 2014 05:01

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check the difference

shiva102 February 24, 2014 03:13

mesh quality problem in modified ahmed body..?
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i meshed my domain as you mentioned but my mesh quality is so to increase the mesh quality please help me guys...thank you..!!!

Far February 24, 2014 09:12

I see two problems

1. Association problems. This might be caused due to creation of O-grid. I have seen it at many times that after creating o-grid, associations get released.

2. create O-grid around the legs.

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