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darkEnergy February 8, 2014 00:55

3D Wings Hex or Tet?
I've been doing 2D airfoil hex meshes up to now and I'd like to extrude my 2D into the real 3D world.

I want to see how the planform of a wing affects the lift and drag coefficients. My planforms will begin with very basic rectangular planforms but will quickly develop into rather complex geometries especially at the wing tip.

So I was wondering does it make sense for me to invest a lot of time creating hex meshes? Or should i simply use a tet mesh? I have no experience making tet meshes but as far as i understand you define a few parameters and bang it'll tet mesh your whole geometry easy as pie but maybe I'm living in a fantasy land. I'd like to hear everyones thoughts and advice so please comment.


Far February 8, 2014 15:39

I would suggest you go for hexa for best results. But if you need quick results you can opt for prism-tetra mesh...

One of my lecture on Hexa mesh (still preparing)

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