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Hernus February 19, 2014 05:00

Meshing of bullet farfield (via inflation)

I'm currently investigating in the Aerodynamics of a flying bullet. I'm quite comfortable with the set-up I use.

The bullet analysis is for speeds up to 3 Mach, attack angles up to 6 degrees, and a rotational bullet (wall) of up to 22 000 rad/s.

The results I get is almost acceptable, except the force in z direction and moment around y-axis on the centre point of bullet (Magnus force and Magnus moment). These values jump around a lot and never converged to the same value even if the same conditions is run again.

I have a feeling this is about the mesh, I'm currently just using the meshing system inside ANSYS with just the default inflation from the body towards a greater outfield. I tried to refine the mesh around the bullet and inflate more and more gradually with extensive bodies but with no luck. when I ran the simulation in Fluent I get an "Floating point f" error. I really tried a lot of different meshing techniques with no luck

I also know the "floating point f" error can be because of lost units...

Is there anyone that maybe can assist me in the mesh?

Thank you

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