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saisanthoshm88 February 21, 2014 16:12

Premesh quality criterion: "Angle" and "Min Angle"
Could someone please let me know the difference between the premesh quality criterion: "Angle" and "Min Angle" in ICEMCFD. The help for ICEMCFD gives them the same definition that they both check the minimum internal angle of each mesh element but in my quality checks I observe that they show different values (ranges).

Far February 21, 2014 16:51

they are almost same!

PSYMN February 25, 2014 15:43

"Min Angle" quality in pre-mesh is the same quality diagnostic which is used under mesh quality. It computes minimum internal angle.

Looking at the code, the "Angle" diagnostic in pre-mesh shows maximum internal angle deviation from 90 degrees for each element.

The description in the hexa section of the user manual (Hexa > Premesh Quality > Angle) seems correct.

But the information under "blocking" (Blocking > Pre-Mesh Quality > Premesh Quality Options > Angle) needs to be fixed.

I asked the doc people to fix it for the next release.

Far February 26, 2014 11:23

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Dear Simon

Min angle and angle are complementary angles?

I have found that both gives the same values...

For that purpose I have made a Parallelepiped with min angle on sides of 18 deg. so for other angle, measurement would be 162 (18+18+162+162 = 360)

I have created a single element in hexa pre mesh and measured angle, min angle and max angle.

Min angle = 18 deg

angle = 18 deg

Maximum angle = 162 deg

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