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zomayabssa March 1, 2014 20:45

Dependent Mesh not working
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Hi people,

I am realizing a simulation around a 2D blade with a thikness. I've meshed the inside blade with Independant All tri mesh and the fluid with a dependant tetra mesh inflated around the blade.
The problem is that the inflation and the inside blade meshing are good but the all tri dependant meshing is really bizarre :confused: . (figure.1 and figure.2). Have you even got this problem guys?
I would really apreciate anyone's suggestion for that issue. :rolleyes:
Thanks a lot,


juliom March 7, 2014 11:03

Hi friend firs of all, I particular question, why did you decide to work with tetra next to the Wall?? because in contrast is always required to worh with hexa or quad mesh type next to the Wall...
This type of error is because you domain has holes or it is poor defined. Patch based (dependent) work with curve sizes while patch independent use surface size...
If you solve this issue please hsare your approach!!

diamondx March 7, 2014 13:24

what is stopping you from a blocking ?

zomayabssa March 9, 2014 11:29

Thanks for your suggestions guys:
1- @Juliom: Yes I'm working with Hexa near to the wall as you can see from Figure.2 of my last post. If you're refering to the blue mesh, it only represents the thickness of the blade. So the near Wall is right after the blue mesh.
2- @diamondx: What do you mean by blicking? Do you mean a manual Hexa Meshing? Actually I've chosen this type of meshing because it alllows me to inflate the blade profile layer and keep a coarse mesh far from the wall.
Tank you,



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