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GBNB March 5, 2014 08:02

2D surface mesh extracted from 3D tetra/prism mesh - Fluent error
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Hi all,

I am trying to model the interaction between a thin fore sail and a thick wing sail in ICEM/Fluent.
I have been trying to mesh the thin sail in 2D but couldn't get a blayer to create quads around a single (open loop) curve. So instead I tried meshing in 3D (octree) with prism layers around the single curve which is set as an internal wall. When I delete the volume elements and surface elements I am not interested in and run a mesh check I get some uncovered faces and overhanging nodes, which are easily fixed, leaving no remaining errors/problems. However when I try reading the mesh into fluent it aborts with the following message:

Reading "C:\Users\Gerry\Dropbox\Sail\Mesh\3D_Mesh\fluent.m sh"...
11402 nodes.
17295 mixed cells, zone 21.
27116 2D interior faces, zone 22.
243 2D wall faces, zone 23.
171 2D wall faces, zone 24.
175 2D wall faces, zone 25.
131 2D velocity-inlet faces, zone 26.
210 2D wall faces, zone 27.
215 2D wall faces, zone 28.
132 2D pressure-outlet faces, zone 29.
Warning: Invalid face type 1. Skipping.

Note: Separating wall zone 25 into zones 25 and 2.
main_wind -> main_wind (25) and main_wind:002 (2)
WARNING: Cell 16276 of thread 21 is missing face 3.
Cell Centroid is (4.101032, 0.799421).
Clearing partially read grid.

Error: Build Grid: Aborted due to critical error.
Error Object: #f

The cell it refers to by Cell Centroid location appears to be a quad/prism on the upper surface of the wing sail/airfoil.

Does anyone know why I may be getting this error?
I have attached some images of my setup.

Thank you!

GBNB April 3, 2014 08:11

Solution in previous thread
Here is a solution...

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