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Hammam April 6, 2007 10:16

airfoil drawing in ansys workbench
hi all! how could i import an airfoil coordinate into ansys workbench and what is the best way to draw an airfoil in ansys workbench to analyze it using cfx?


solomedic June 18, 2011 02:57

Airfoil drawing in Workbench
Hi hmmam, it is a bit tricky to draw an airfoil in workbench, you have point option at the right corner of design modeler, click on it and a menu will appear, select the file in which you have coordinate and import it, but the file must be in this format
node number part x y z
node number will change as 1 2 3 4 for each coordinate you import and keep the part equal one for all coordinates

after you import that you can pass 3d curve to make airfoil but it will make it a line body. if you want a 3d body so fo to sketching and pass spline through these imported points, and then extrude the sketch to get the wing.

But i will suggest you to import the wing from APDL,

syler3321 June 18, 2011 19:34

Hi Hammam, u can get the coordinates from a lot of websites. Once you have them you can put them in this format on notepad. 4 is the number of nodes u have on the aerofoil while 2 is the number of curves. normally your pressure side and suction side.
4 2

1.0000 0.0016 0
0.9500 0.0134 0
0.9000 0.0245 0
0.8000 0.0441 0

Save this as a text file. I'm assuming you have ICEM. if you do, import " Formatted data point" in icem. You will be able to do your meshing there

Hope this helps

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