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M4x1m February 8, 2015 10:43

Issue creating geometry and trim surfaces
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Hello. I try to create a geometry with and eccentric rotating inner cylinder in an outer cylinder. My outer cylinder has a Radius R=65.2mm, inner cylinder a Radius R=65mm and the eccentricity e=0.1mm. First i create the geometry of my outer cylinder, than i extrude the inner cylinder and trim by curve and delete the inner surface.
My problem is, that after trimming the curve and delete the inner surface, icem also delete my remaining geometry which should stay 65.2mm-65mm-0.1=0.1mm.
If I make the hole smaler(inner cylinder) R=64.4mm I've no problems with the geometry but, for R>64.5 the same thing happens.
I've attached some screenshots.

Thank you for your help

bluebase February 9, 2015 08:38

try to increase the geometry tolerances in the ICEM settings. Maybe, internally, the curves of the circles aren't well resolved, especially for such small scales.
With a fine resolution the trimming should work better.

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