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Jack001 July 30, 2016 13:31

Turbogrid matching rotor stator interface mesh
Hello all,

I want to mesh a rotor and a stator passage so that there are no uncovered faces at the rotor outlet - stator inlet interface. My normal procedure is to mesh the stator and rotor separately in turbogrid, then combine them in post, however turbogrid will naturally choose a geometry that optimises each part, and hence the shape of the inlet/outlet for the two parts will not be the same even though the total area is (by specifying the same number of blades for rotor and the stator full 360 machine)

Hence I am wondering, is there a way to make the faces of the rotor and stator interface a 1:1 match (i.e. they fully cover eachother)!?

Far July 31, 2016 17:26

that is the main aspect of using the multple reference frame. It is used when ever we have unmatching mesh or two fluid zones.

Jack001 July 31, 2016 17:32

Hi Far,

Thanks for your reply. Perhaps I am a bit confused then. I am using OpenFoam and I have a rotor and stator that cover the same area in terms of their GGI connection interface. However the areas don't completely cover each other due to geometrical differences in how the blades are meshed. The GGi interface in openFoam has a bridgeOverlap option that you can set to true, but then slip walls are created on the parts that are not covered. This is obviously not what I want. Hence I thought that maybe I could make both rotor outlet and stator inlet to match to cover each other fully in order to use GGI without any weird slips walls.
I am using multiple rotating frames as you say, but the problem above still applies right?

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