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bjkozn June 8, 2019 05:53

ICEM Unstructured Mesh Body Problem
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Hi all,
I am new in ICEM and trying to model aircraft with propeller. In order to do that I choose sliding mesh and am trying to create unstructured mesh since blocking will be cost too much time. First, I tried to create meshes for propeller and its boundary separately. But when create volume mesh, it creates volume meshes inside the propeller even I have created body for fluid. My curves are red and I could not find the problem. Could you help me?

I am adding link and some pictures of project below.

Thank you so much

siw June 10, 2019 06:55

You are using the Octree volume mesh method. Put an OFRN material point inside the propeller. I assume you have a LIVE material point in the fluid where you want the mesh. See if that helps

Gert-Jan June 11, 2019 04:13

Maybe a stupid question, but where are your surfaces? Can you show these?
They are more important than curves. Probably your propellor is not closed

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