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MaximusXIV November 22, 2019 08:41

Pre-mesh-computing takes a long time
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Dear all,

I have a simple geometry (2D-flow around an airfoil in a rectangle). My workflow is, as always, loading the geometry, creating the blocks, having all outer edges associated to geometry curves and computing the pre-mesh and so on.

But somehow ICEM needs very much time for generating the pre-mesh for that specific setup (so long that itís clear that something goes wrong). Other 2D-pre-meshes with a similar node, element and block count don't need that much time. In addition, even strongly reducing the node counts on the edges does not help.

Tried to delete all VORFN blocks (did not help). When I delete the majority of the normal blocks, it works and the pre-meshing-computing goes on as fast as it should.

Tried this on two PCs, with both ICEM 19.2 and 18.2.

Maybe someone knows this issue. Any help is appreciated!
(The files are attached)


pamstad November 26, 2019 13:25

Hello Maximus,

have you ever clicked on Info -> Mesh Info and looked up how many elements you have? Sometimes it happens that you have a crazy number of elements and you are not aware of it.

Another thing could be that you display the pre-mesh as a wire-frame and not as a solid-wire frame.

Maybe that helps...

Have a nice day

MaximusXIV December 4, 2019 02:52

Hallo pamstad,

thanks for the reply! The mesh info is just:

--- Mesh Info ---
Element types :
NODE : 2
Element parts :
BLADE_0 : 2
Total elements : 2
Total nodes : 2
Min : 74.5447 -3.02938 0
Max : 74.7275 -2.26333 0

So only a few elements. I think that is because I need to consider the pre-mesh info instead (right click on pre mesh in the tree =>pre mesh info):

Mesh size:
NODES = 47861
QUADS = 47316

That is not much (2D!). And I had multiple other meshes with a similar count and the problem I described did not arise.

The wireframe displaying does not help. I know this issue, it just generally increases the speed (also for example if you scroll or zoom in the view to inspect your mesh).

Maybe any other ideas?

Thanks in advance
Maximus XIV

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