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zese November 30, 2019 05:42

how to modify a geometry
Dear Friends

I have modeled a geometry inside ICEM and now I need to modify some parts for example some line dimensions. do you now how I can do that? I'm afraid I am quiet new in ICEM.

Best wishes

bluebase December 1, 2019 16:57

Hi Zese,

save a copy of your current project files. That way you can't break anything, right?

Then start to make yourself familiar with most of the geometry features. You said you created your geometry yourself then you know already essential features.

I suggest continue to play with the edit geometry features, such as translation and scaling. Read the manual on how to extend surfaces, or create new ones.
You might read the whole geometry manual to get an overview on the available features, it's not that long, i guess. That's what i'd do when i got to work with new tools.

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