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sanket2309 December 4, 2019 02:22

Share topology and structured mesh
Hi all,
I am doing CFD simulation of a tool (tubular structure) used in oil and gas well. I have made fluid domain using 'ANSYS SPACECLAIM' through volume extraction then put all parts of them as one component. Then, I did partition in Space-claim its self to make whole body swappable and to generate structured hex mesh on it. 90% of all bodies have generated nice structured hex mesh but mesh conformality is not maintained in any parts (since I have chosen 'NONE' in SHARE TOPOLGY in Space-claim I believe)
After that I have chosen 'Share' in Share topology option and now whatever 90% bodies was swappable previously, it reduced to 30% (Because I have a lot of body/face impingement problem).
So is there any way to generate structured mesh maintaining mesh conformality in complex tubular stricture.

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