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Abbas20000220 December 5, 2020 05:31

Two fluids air and liquid are stacked each other and a sliding interface
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Hi to all,

I have two fluids (one is air other is Licl solution). I used design modular for modelling having dimension 100mm Length and 100mm width for a rectangular plate and their thickness 2mm. I want a membrane to be inserted in between two fluids ( having thickness 0.1mm) while length width = 100mm.

Approach : I made two rectangular plates ( in xy plane) one is for air, while other is for licl solution. giving distance 0.5mm between them along zaxis. While importing mesh, I named all inlets, outlets, and air interface and licl interface respectively. I used default mesh option and moved toward setup. where I used (mesh interface option) for joining these interfaces as a membrane wall and its shadow has also been made.

What I am facing the membrane is appearing when I am clicking on showing mesh at surfaces. But what I want to see contours of temperature in post processing option even though I have given the thickness of membrane. The message I am getting is : Empty surface zone cannot be created.

Seniors please help me out. My approach is wrong or anything is missing in my settings?

Thanks in advance.



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