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aero_head February 3, 2021 22:29

Different Levels of Refinement in Adjacent Blocks

I am doing a refinement of blocks (Blocking > Pre-Mesh Params > Refinement) on my structured mesh.

I have three blocks beside each other and want the middle one to have a 2x refinement and the ones on either side to have a 3x refinement (in the streamwise and spanwise directions).

At first it was giving me an error with something about surface nodes do not match, but I finally found a way to implement this. However, when I tried to resolve the refinements (I tried all three options, standard, allow unsupported and Pure 3D), however they all fail.

Is this possible to do? If so, what am I doing wrong? Do I have to resolve refinements on each block as I go along (i.e. before refining the next one)?

Thanks in advance.

bluebase February 4, 2021 14:55

I recall that (element-level) resolving refinements only works with a 3-1 ratio. So 3-2 and 1-2 should not work if i remember correctly.

aero_head February 4, 2021 21:09

Hello Sebastian,

Thank you for clearing that up for me. There is not a lot of information on how refinements work in the documentation, IMO. I have read through the ICEM Help and User's Manuals, as well as the tutorials, but could not answer these questions about refinements.

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