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fonk February 22, 2021 03:03

Face merging issue
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Good Morning everyone,

I am using DesignModeler to merge the faces on a geometry that was realized on FreeCAD and exported as a step file. As it was created using a parametric curve, the number of faces is quite consequent (image attached below) and would be an issue during the meshing.

Attachment 82897 Attachment 82898

However, when I try the merging tool with the automatic selection method (there are more than 7000 faces on each side of each plate) I get the following error message:

Error: No valid mergeable clusters
Context: Merge Feature Merge1

If I try to manually select a few faces the operation is either successful or the following message appears:

Error: Operation failed for all face clusters
Context: Merge Feature MergeXX (XX refering to the XXth mergure).

Warning: Operation failed due to an edge smaller than required tolerance.
Try removing the edge before reattempting
Context: Geometry Engine, while generating Feature MergeXX

If I try to manually select faces for two different merge feature and then merge the resulting faces, the result gives sometimes the same "edge smaller than required tolerance" error for all the faces (checked using the "show problematic geometry" option) even though it went smoothly in their respective merge feature.

I also tried to increase the parameter interval in FreeCAD in order to increase edge length but it appeared this was still not enough. I can't increase the parameter interval too much as it will result in edges and faces too sharp for what I am trying to do (herringbone plate for heat exchanger).

Any recommendation/suggestion on how to successfully merge the faces would be highly appreciated.

Thank you.

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