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Safasml February 26, 2021 10:10

Skin/Loft Feature in JScript
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Hi there,
I have a problem with the skin/loft feature. I am designing a blade in DesignModeler and using skin/loft to connect the edges of every section. Also, I use a guideline to connect for example the trailing edges of each section. Now, the problem is sometimes the end of one section connects to the start of the next section (Fig attached), which will cause the skin/loft to fail due to a self-intersection. Since this process is done automatically (many times) I canít correct the guideline every time. I split the edges to several pieces as recommended in the DesignModeler user guide but it didnít work. So I decided to write it in a JScript file and run the js to do the process automatically. But, unfortunately, Iím very beginner in java and I donít know what exactly I should write. I just know the ModStartVertex function should be used but how?
I will really be appreciated that if someone can write the code for me... or any other suggestion to overcome this problemÖ thank you so much.

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