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Mr.Awesome March 23, 2021 04:43

ICEM circular ring hexa meshing
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I'm a beginner to ICEM and I wanted to Hexa mesh a circular ring. The steps I followed are:

1.Import the geometry
2.Create a block of type 3D bounding box
3.Associate the curves to the edges of the block
4.Snap project vertices
5.Created split block (selected both the faces of the 2 ends)
6.Associated it with the inner curve and used snap project vertices.
6.Applied pre mesh

After allowing all these steps, I get irregular and messy mesh output. Please help to solve the issue with a step-by-step procedure.

Also, I tried deleting an inner block but still, it was not proper. It would be great if you could do this for me as I'm beginner

aero_head March 23, 2021 09:02


Try using an O-grid for this. Also, do you have surfaces on the outside faces of the circle?

Mr.Awesome March 23, 2021 09:10

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Yes, I did use O-grid but it didn't work. I have attached the geometry that I have been working. Take a look at it and help me.

aero_head March 23, 2021 09:33

Might I remind you that this is a public forum and we are all volunteering our time to reply to questions. Telling me to take a look and do it for you does not sit well with me.

Good luck to you.

Mr.Awesome March 23, 2021 09:36

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Extremely sorry for that. I said that as I didn't get your question "do you have surfaces on the outside faces of the circle". Its just a hollow circular ring. I have attached a picture for your ref. Sorry again :)

bluebase April 7, 2021 15:11

Hi Ash,

you need more splits in the circumferential direction or need to add edge splits. Since the default behavoir is to associate faces to the closest surface, parts of the long blocks are completely on the inside---the nearest surface is the nearest surface for both sides of the block.

You either need to introduce more splits and move the vertices closer to their destination location of you need to tell icem more of the intended shape of the edges by adding control points on the sections of respective edges which are far from their intended location. The first is simpler, just make it a ring of 8 blocks, move the new crossections to the ring. Then, I believe, you should have dealt with most of the problems.

Make sure you have deleted the inner block (i suggest permanently here), and associate all the edges you can to respective curves.

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