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1337Hal March 22, 2009 21:33

Rotating Cylinder Full of Fluid
Hi guys,

I'm new to the forum and to CFD in general, so any advice would be very much appreciated.

I have created the geometry for a cement kiln, as shown below:

What I need to be able to do here is rotate the larger cylinders around the orange fluid which flows inside. Is making the cylinders rotate done in GAMBIT (the stage I'm still in) or later in FLUENT? How is this done? Can someone please help me with this?


-mAx- March 23, 2009 02:41

I would say, you need to handle your problem with MDM (rigid body motion of your rotating cylinder and sliding mesh between red and orange volume), but this is the fluent part.
In gambit you need to disconnect the red volume with the orange one.
Doing this, the red volume will slide on the orange one without any mesh distorsion.
You should have 2 surfaces with same diameter: the red one describing 360, the orange one
Then in fluent you need to activate those interfaces

1337Hal April 6, 2009 21:06

Thanks Max.

Any chance you could elaborate a little please? I'm new to CFD and don't know much at all and am basically trying to learn it myself.

How do I 'disconnect' the red and orange volumes in gambit? Do I need to do this even if I never connected them in the first place?

Once in fluent, how do I 'activate' faces.

I really appreciate your reply. Hal

-mAx- April 7, 2009 00:45

in gambit try to move (not copy) the orange volume.
If it's ok then the orange volume is already disconnected.
If not, then copy it (with a certain translation), delete the original orange volume, and finally move(not copy) the translated volume, with the opposite vector.
You can check for connectivity with the plug-icon at the bottom. If the interface between the volume is pink, then they are connected, if not, then thea aren't

1337Hal April 7, 2009 03:38

Thanks heaps Max. I can indeed translate the orange volume, so I suppose they're not connected. Thanks for your time.

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