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RPJones March 25, 2009 16:03

Trouble meshing complex VOF geometry

First, thanks for taking the time to look at the post and hopefully for the help.

I am having great trouble creating a mesh for a VOF problem. A section of my geometry involves a curved plate that is corrugated, similar to what you see when looking into the side of a cardboard box. The corrugation is about 0.2 ft wide and approximately 0.2 feet tall as well. I would upload the section that I am having trouble with but the 2 MB file is too large for the forum, let me know if you would like me to email it to you. I cannot get this section of the volume to mesh, even when I work with only it and not the rest of the geometry.

I have tried all the different meshing schemes, as well as having created a surface mesh of all the surfaces and then trying to mesh the volume from there, again trying all available schemes. Also the piece that I am working on has already been broken down to the smallest symetric piece possible.

Any advice or suggestions for things to try are greatly appreciated. If you need anymore information to better understand the problem I'm having let me know and I'll try to explain it better. Thanks again for the help.


-mAx- March 26, 2009 14:56

post a sketch of your issue and/or upload your .dbs file

KateyMT February 14, 2011 19:54

similar problem meshing complex geometry for vof
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i'm working on a mesh for this 3d open channel problem and have problems with skewness. i would appreciate any tips, ideas, etc. as i'm pretty new to this. i'm trying to work on further simplifying some of the geometry but i'm not sure this will solve the problem. this is a Steeppass fishway. let me know if i can provide any further clarification.

i just noticed that RP Jones was using Gambit...i'm using the Ansys mesher.

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