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Laci March 29, 2009 16:30

Mesh for cylinders
Hi everybody! I would like to create a mesh in the surface of a cylinder. Its dimensions: 0,3m*12,2m [R*H] I just simple not able to create it. I have tried everything. The Error massages vary with the ways i tried. :(
Would you be so kind to give me a hand? It is very urgent :(

-mAx- March 30, 2009 02:52

*which surface of the cylinder?
*what kind of mesh (map-pave or tri)?
*what is the error message if you try to mesh the volume quickly?

Laci March 30, 2009 03:08

Hi -mAx-,

After I restarted my computer, I could create a mesh quickly. I don't know what was the problem :rolleyes: (I spent a lot of time to create this simple mesh and the restart solved it, not me :eek: )
Thanks you for your answer! :)

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