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cestrin March 31, 2009 17:52

3D Airplane 'symmetry' BC question (Gambit)
I have a model of half an airplane in gambit. I am setting up the BC and am a little lost as to how to use the 'symmetry' condition. I have the inlet as a velocity inlet, outlet as a pressure far-field and the 3 walls not touching the plane as pressure outlet (which may be wrong).

As far the symmetric condition, what face specifically do I set the condition to? Do I make the entire plane and wall it is touching a symmetric condition or do I need to just use the 'symmetry' condition on the wall the plane is coming out of and the 1 face of the plane touching that wall? (I assume the rest of the plane would then be set to the 'wall' condition.)

- C

Adam S April 2, 2009 07:39

so i would do:
bc of the plane: no-slip wall
bc of the surface cutting the plane and the parallel one at the tip of the wing: free-slip wall
bc of the top/bottom surface: symmetry
front surface: a kind of inlet
back surface: a kind of outlet

hope it helps

forest1102 August 20, 2009 23:43

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