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ako March 31, 2009 19:03

meshing a duct in gambit
i have a question
may be it's simple
but please help me

i have a duct with and i should mesh it this size : 180*50*60
as told here" mesh inside the duct 180X50X60"

so how should i do it?

## i did it in this way; i used the interval count and i chose 180 for x and 50 for y and 60 for z , but how should i continue to get that mesh?##
how could i now I've achieve that size number for my meshing?

zhaopeng April 1, 2009 00:08

before meshing the volume,you can mesh three edges from one origin separately with interval count be equal to 180, 60 and 50.

ako April 1, 2009 07:30

thanks but...
thank you mate!

but i did it! i meshed each edge by that counts, with interval count
so after that how should i mesh the faces and volumes? i mean
should i again mesh them with interval count or gambit would apply mesh edge for faces? do i use the default or again use the interval count?
if yes so what's the number for the meshing the faces? for example in one page do i use the 180X50 (9000) for interval counting or no?

furthermore how can i be sure that i have 180X50X60 mesh?

-mAx- April 1, 2009 07:56

when you try to mesh your volume, what kind of mesh choose gambit automatically?
can you post a picture of your duct?

zhaopeng April 1, 2009 08:14

you can directly mesh the volume after meshing the three edges,interval count is not used here.
the total number of girds(540000) can be counted by summarize volume mesh in gambit or grid info check in fluent.

ako April 1, 2009 17:10

this is a simple duct with that dimensions as i have told
it's a duct that flow are going there and there is a nozzle in the bottom of duct that inject the cross flow on it.
i have an experimental and numerical study on it and i'm going to simulate it again by LES instead of k-e
so i should mesh it on gambit and do my project on fluent, so i should mesh it like the model,

unfortunately my win has some problem and i'll send that picture until 2 days, and i will apply your advices

best regard

-mAx- April 1, 2009 17:21

if the duct has a square/rectangle section: mesh one cap surface of the domain, (mesh the edge first with appropriate node's distribution, then mesh the surface with map-scheme)
Be sure that the outer layer is mappable, then mesh the volume with hex-cooper and choose the meshed cap first, then the opposite cap as sources faces.

ako April 2, 2009 22:07

about duct
yes dear friend it's a cubic duct, i'm trying to mesh it, but we have some holy days here, and i should install new win and fluent, then i will ask for more help.


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