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aldon April 1, 2009 08:09

GAMBIT display pro, under VISTA
I had installed the Exeed 2008, and GAMBIT 2.3.16, on my laptop, VISTA home version. funny thing is I could run GAMBIT but some visual function went wrong when I try to use the GAMBIT to modelling the airfoil.

1. every time when i select a vertex, there is no hight-light display, e.g the vertex should be in red colour;

2. zoom in/out function has no visual window when i drag the mouse;

3. no visual display after boundary layer set up.

does anyone in here had been experienced this kind of problem before? its is related to my VISTA ? what should i do with it, dont wanna be "blind" when doing the work :mad:

and here is my GAMBIT error msg:

1. Warning: locale not supported by Xlib, locale set to C
2. Using OPENGL_DEVICE_DRIVER with no standard visual.

zhaopeng April 2, 2009 12:25

Internet security soft on you computer may block the Exceed,check security rules.Buy the way,Exceed 2006 can work well with Gambit 2.3.16 on Vista.

panda April 2, 2009 23:08

maybe your opengl driver's problem. you may switch to direct3d or find a better driver/dispaycard.

redlemon April 16, 2009 17:14

start gambit with
gambit 3d -driver msw
(or edit target) to switch to default windows graphics driver.
Also use release gambit v2.4.6.
Also Gambit not supported on Vista.

lihai7496 July 11, 2009 22:25

gambit error on vista
:confused:i encounter the same problem ,gambit don't work whatever i try ,how can i do ,please help!

PSYMN July 13, 2009 21:08

Gambit on Vista
Zhaopeng, have you actually been successful with Gambit on Vista?

If so, can you please give us you specifics...

You mention Exceed 2006 and Gambit 2.3.16. Anything else?

Has anyone else been successful on Vista with this or another configuration?

Officially, Gambit doesn't support Vista, but that just means it has not been properly validated. It may still work, especially if Exceed can take up the slack.

Anyway, I am interested to know.

zhaopeng July 14, 2009 11:13

I think i did not make it clear.
the windows version on the computer is Vista Business X64 and Gambit version is 2.3.16.but I installed Exceed PowerSuite 2006 on my computer which has a component of exceed,its exceed version is 11.0.

hjzy October 10, 2009 09:33

Close the accout control fuction of vista, then reinstall all three software.

OPEN gambit,gambit-option, CHANGE "-r2.2.30"OR "-r2.3.16 TO-dev X11", maybe works!

villager September 11, 2011 11:14


Originally Posted by hjzy (Post 232105)
Close the accout control fuction of vista, then reinstall all three software.

OPEN gambit,gambit-option, CHANGE "-r2.2.30"OR "-r2.3.16 TO-dev X11", maybe works!

Thank you very much:)
Adding to command -dev X11 really works on Linux Ubuntu 11.04. WIthout it, the only thing you can see in the Gambit GUI - is black holes (black screen).
So, write this on Ubuntu:
gambit -dev x11 ....

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