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Arti April 3, 2009 02:59

Help needed with Cornell's Gambit airfoil tutorial
Ok im new to Gambit or any other CFD software. But im required to use this fro my project. Hope to get some help here.

I tried a couple of times creating the mesh using the airfoil SG6042 .with the tutorial from Cornell University. But i keep running into a problem with the point G which is created at the tail of the airfoil.

The problem is that i cannot subtract the airfoil from the semicircle portion. It gives the error : "ACIS error 8029:inconsistent edge face relationships". If i were to shift it a little i could subtract it but meshing takes a long time and i can only do it using PAVE method not MAP.

The tutorial is found here

Is there a way around the vertex point G. I tried using the same airfoil given it has such problems too. Somtimes vetices gets deleted. Thank you.

-mAx- April 3, 2009 14:09

I assume there is a problem with the fact that G belongs to the airfoil and also to the semi circle
Try this:
Substract the airfoil from the whole big domain (ABCDEFA).
Then once it is substrated (ie the airfoil is a hole --> shaded mode), you have to split the face along the edge (AE), G is aligned on this edge.
And then the same wit (GC).
It should be ok

Arti April 4, 2009 12:04

oh ok thanks alot will try it out.

sivarama1 May 30, 2009 03:40

2Dairfoil balde in gambit
Hi all,
I am having trouble meshing 2D boundary layers in Gambit. The geometry I am working with is the wind airfoil. I have flow inlet and outlet, and inlet/outlet is planar and roughly rectangular. The entire geometry is a sort of rectangular shaped outer airfoil. I can create but when I use the "View 2D Boundary Layer" tool in Gambit, my boundary layers will not even appear in the selection list and cannot be added by shift-left-clicking on them. Does anyone know why they cannot be added to the list?

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