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cfdworker April 4, 2009 21:44

import terrain geometry
Hello, I have a problem that involves import terrain geometry in gambit. I have a xyz file that gives the coordinates of the points that defines the geometry of terrain, and I can do the mesh of those points to define the geometry, with terraincad. But when I try to import this geometry, gambit can’t recognize the entities. So I try to create a surface with that mesh with rhinoceros, but I can’t do a surface that is similar to the terrain. So I want to ask you if are a way to do a geometry of the terrain for gambit from the xyz file.
Sorry for my bad English.

-mAx- April 5, 2009 03:02

What kind of entity are you trying to import?
I assume that gambit will just import the points, and you have to create the surface from point.
Try to use this functionality:
Hope it helps

oherreraz May 24, 2009 21:40

I have the same problem. Becouse I dont know how is posible make a Surface with points..In gambit is not easy , and , the problem I think that is becouse , the program take all the points following the numbers , the position in the list that they have....Exist any possibility to introduce that points in Gambit and make a real surface ?, without errors, may last time , making that , was very bad...

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