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Daggemann April 7, 2009 05:04

Meshing with periodic BC
This is my first post so please be kind.

I am trying to mesh 1/6 of a conic cylinder (see wireframe.jpg). In order to implement periodic conditions at the sides I need to link each opposite face, correct? I have devided the geometry into different volume for "easier" meshing.

To me it seems that this geometry should be quite simple to mesh. There are certain internals in this geometry, but the important part right now is to understand how to link face meshes to utilize periodic BC.

Should linking these faces be straight forward, or do you see any complications that will occur? Should I link one "face-pair", mesh its corresponding volume, and then move on to the next "face-pair", or should I link all of the faces to its corresponding linked face before I mesh each individual volume?

The flow will enter the the bottom right face in the wireframe-picture above, and move towards the center (with some circular motion), before it flows from the ground floor into the 1st floor through the thin, inner cylinder in the center of the cone.

Hope this is sufficient information to give an reasonable answer.


-mAx- April 7, 2009 07:16

The picture's links are corrupted ;)
Basically, before you mesh your volume, you have to link, as you said, the 2 opposite faces.
Then mesh the volume.
IN BC pick the 2 opposite faces as on periodic-BC.
When you export your mesh, gambit will warn you if you are wrong (especially with periodic BC)

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