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Daggemann April 8, 2009 07:04

3D meshing

I am working on a personal project regarding a subsea particle separation unit. My Gambit skills are very moderate and I have encountered a problem that I hope you guys might help me with.

The geometry shown above is constructed from a 2D frame rotated 60 degrees, creating 1/6 of a conic cylinder. The grey areas are walls, inlet is on the bottom left, and the outlet is the small red area on the top. The green part is a guidevane/fin inducing circular motion. This is the part that is causing me some difficulties.

The 60 degree rotation creates the different volumes, and the guidevane have to be added after the rotation. First of all Gambit will not allow me to split the volume which the guidevane is a part of, since the volume is connected to all the other volumes. How can I solve this?

Meshing the model is no problem with out the guidevane. Is it possible to split a mesh with this vane? Or is it easier to just mesh the two different volumes created after splitting the original volume?


-mAx- April 8, 2009 07:22

are you working with real or virtual geometry?
-for real geometry: try to enlarge the green surface in the 3 directions (sometimes gambit failed to split if the outer egdes match the volume to be splited)
-for virtual geometry: split the volume's edge with the green surface's vertices. Then split the volumes' surface with the green surface's edge (check if the surface are well splitted). Create the surface from the edge and finally split the volume with this edge

Daggemann April 8, 2009 11:58

I am working with only real geometry, to be onest I do not really no the difference between the two.

I did as you suggested, and it worked perfectly. I am now moving on to meshing the two new volumes...

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