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JohnS April 9, 2009 11:16

Workbench v11 on XP64
I've been using the CFX mesher in WB on XP64 (8 gb RAM) for awhile now and have found that as I increase the number of composite 2D regions, Workbench gets slower and slower until it's almost unusable, at times taking upwards of 5 minutes to commit a new composite region after I click apply. The performance gets so bad that if I have to do any updates to my model it is quicker for me to start completely over from scratch than try to update my current model. Obviously this is less than ideal and I'm just curious if anyone has had similar issues has any ideas what could be causing such a degredation in performance.


LKF April 9, 2009 13:26

How many composite regions are you generating? I'm running the same OS/RAM and don't experience any slow downs. However, 50 regions is likely the most I've ever defined.

JohnS April 9, 2009 14:10

Usually several dozen at least. It's not uncommon to have upwards of 1500+ primitive faces, either.

LKF April 9, 2009 14:16

I don't think I've ever come close 1500+ primitive faces. So perhaps it's not the number of composite regions but the number of primitives per composite that is slowing things down.

Have you tried using virtual faces? Can you reduce the number of primitive faces by changing the way you develop the geometry in your modeling package (Deisgn Modeler, SolidWorks, etc.)?

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