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agungwp April 13, 2009 23:58

what does the different ANSYS ICEM and ANSYS Workbench?
allow me ask you some questions about ANSYS product.
1. what does the different ansys icem cfd and ansys workbench in meshing?
2. if i wanna meshing a geometry, does it through icem cfd first and then use workbench after that?
3. could i meshing a geometry without icem cfd?
thank you very much

agung wulan piniji
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PSYMN April 14, 2009 20:07

Think of ICEM as an extention of ANSYS meshing
You should think of ANSYS ICEM as an extension of the meshing capabilities in ANSYS Meshing… Actually some ICEM CFD technology is used in ANSYS Workbench Meshing, along with tech from TGrid, ANSYS, CFX, etc. Workbench meshing is more parametric, persistent, physics aware, etc. Plus it is easy to use and fits into the Workbench which makes the whole thing easy. But some people need the interactive or extended capabilities of ICEM CFD...

ICEM CFD can be used outside of Workbench to mesh from dirty CAD and/or faceted geometry (STL, etc.), mesh really large or complex models (larger capacity than Workbench), or if you want to Hexa mesh (structured or unstructured) with advanced controls (Workbench meshing has hexa with simpler controls), or if you want the extended mesh diagnostics and advanced interactive mesh editing in ICEM CFD, or if you want to output to a wide variety of CFD/FEA solvers or neutral formats.

In other words, try the ANSYS Meshing first. If it gets the job done, then it is the easiest tool to use. If you need something extra like structured hexa or interactive mesh editing, you can use ICEM CFD.

agungwp April 18, 2009 00:43

i have made geometry from CATIA and import these to ansys, it have any problems later ?

now, i found difficulties to make meshing both in ICEM CFD and ANSYS Workbench. could you help me to learn meshing simplest?

thank you very much:)

PSYMN April 20, 2009 10:48

Do you intend to send the model to me?

How about contacting ANSYS tech support instead...? or 1-800-937-3321.

Sudharshani June 30, 2009 02:16

Parametric modeling?
when u mentioned,
[1] "Workbench meshing is more parametric, persistent, physics aware, etc...."

can we use workbench to parametrically variate a funtion (such as i am using parabolic contur function for nozzle wall shape) at the initail geometry degin stage?

[2]as u mentioned ICEM has "interactive mesh editing..." what does this mean?


PSYMN June 30, 2009 08:45

Thing 1 and thing 2
1) I am not sure about this parametric functions thing… I have not tried that while modeling in DM… (I just emailed someone who knows the tool better and will add a comment if they get back to me). However, workbench can control parameters in other CAD packages (such as Pro/E or UGNX or Solidworks or CatiaV5 or Inventor, etc.) so you could create a parabolic function with a parameter there… To get it into workbench, just start the parameter with a particular key string such as “WB_” or something like that. During import, you can filter for certain parameters that you want to control (using a string like “WB_”). The parameters will come in and have a check box next to them. You can check the box and turn them into workbench controlled parameters. As for persistence, that means that one setup (geometry operations, mesh settings, boundary conditions, even your CFX setup, post operations and report generation) will be updatable when you change your parameter. Another tool, DesignXplorer can automate the process of changing the parameters and plot statistical data such and response curves, etc. It is able to automate the meshing because it is aware of the physics involved… For instance, if you wanted to mesh for mechanical, it would know that you need a coarse mesh, perhaps quadratic tetras. If you wanted to mesh for EMAG, it would adjust its settings accordingly and give you straight sided mid nodes… It can even tell the difference between CFX and Fluent needs. Both give you finer linear mesh, but CFX will give stair step prism and Fluent users usually prefer to compress prism in tight areas…

2) Mesh editing is actually manipulating the mesh interactively (or with automatic routines) to improve quality or physics capture. Common operations include moving and merging nodes, splitting edges or nodes, adjusting element normals, creating elements, refining or coarsening mesh, etc. There are also more automated operations such as merging or smoothing meshes. An advantage of AI*E (now just called ANSYS ICEM CFD) is that the node projection is maintained (keeps the geometry shape much better). Curve projected nodes stay on curves, surface projected nodes stay on the surface, etc. And this is maintained for all operations (unless you turn it off). Other mesh editors usually just move things in the plane of the screen which tends to lose the shape of the model as you edit…

PSYMN June 30, 2009 18:07

DM Expert feedback.
I got this back from my DM expert contact... by "promote", he just means check the little box next to the dimension to make it a usable parameter...

Subject: Re: Parametric Modeling

While we have ellipses in DM, we do not have parobolic curves (nor does Parasolid). So the closest we could get is with a spline. As you state below, they can use fit points to create the parobolid curve. The could create Horiz/Vertical dimensions to control the locations of the fit points, then "promote" those dimensions to be parameters. Do note that depending on the degree of change of the fit point locations, it may be desirable to use the Spline Edit "Re-Fit" function to "relax" the stress of the spline after changing the positions of fit points.

If this is the info you need, feel free to forward it.


Azy October 27, 2014 21:12

using ICEM for meshing instead of ansys workbench mesher
hello every one,

I want to use the workbench system and blocks, but at the same time i want to generate my mesh with ICEM, is there any way for me to do it inside of the blocking?
I know one way of using ICEM is to call it directly, generate your mesh and then export it as a favorable format and again import it to the workbench, but I am seeking another method.


CFDUser_ April 12, 2016 04:51

Unable to import parasolid files in ICEM, but able to do it in Ansys workbench
Hello All,

I found this thread is much suitable as it address some differences between ICEM 14 and Ansys workbench.

I faced an issue reading parasolid file in ICEM, But workbench did that job.

from discussion in the below threat I understand ICEM is not integrated with workbench from v12.
HTML Code:
Means, ICEM 14 is not capable of reading parasolid files or some bug is there. which is explained in below link

HTML Code:
It will be good if it is fixed in latest versions of ICEM or team Ansys take steps to resolve that issue.

Thanks & Regards,

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