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sivarama1 April 30, 2009 09:09

export tetra surface mesh in ICEM
now I am facing with the problem, I want to set a thin surface wall in model, but I cannot do it in TETRA. When I import it into cfx5, there is not the thin surface, How to fix it?

thanks lots!

PSYMN May 1, 2009 16:15

Baffle Surface?
If you mean you have a baffle surface (zero thickness) that you want shells on, you will need to turn on the interior wall option under Part parameters for that part.

By default, flood fill only keeps shells on the boundaries of volume mesh. Since a zero thickness baffle has the same volume part on both sides, no shells are created… Unless you turn on “interior wall” for that part.

When you export to your solver, the shells will go out as a wall or interior wall depending on the defaults for that solver.

Your question may have not been clear enough to answer properly. If I guessed wrong, please try to restate what you are trying to do.

sivarama1 May 2, 2009 08:18

thanks for replay my message,
Actually my doubt, i have one 3D model 700mm length,100mm width,50mm thickness,in this model i was tetra surface meshed in ICEM CFD,
After that this model i want to export to CFX-11.
Thankyou very much.

PSYMN May 2, 2009 16:47

I am guessing your question is still not clear enough to answer correctly...;)

You havn't told me how far you get or any error messages, etc.

If you are just looking for the option to export, go to the output tab and choose the first icon for "select solver".

The list is alphabetical, but if you scroll down to CFX, you will only see "CFX-4" and older versions, perhaps that is your problem. If you want later versions of CFX, including CFX-5 and CFX-11, scroll back up to "ANSYS CFX"

Good Luck.

sivarama1 May 23, 2009 05:01

Surface nesh export to cfx-11
My doubt,
i was created wind blade geometry,This i was created in surface mesh in ICEM CFD software,successfully created.
ANS i want export to CFX-11 software,How to export to CFX-11.
Please let me know,
If dont mind please give me your MSN ID OR ANY OTHER ID,
I should chat,i have a a lot of doubts in this field.

PSYMN May 24, 2009 15:39

Ansys cfx
To export, just go to the output tab... Under select solver, choose ANSYS CFX, rather than the CFX options for CFX 4...

This is the sort of question that tech support would be happy to help you with... Email them at

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