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realanony87 May 2, 2009 03:36

[ICEM] 3D wing tip
I am using ICEM hexa to model a 3D wing with a Naca 0006 profile attached to a wall. I am wondering what kind of blocking structure is suitable for the wing tip.
An O-grid works fine for the Wing section near the wall, as that resembles a 2D construction, but at the tip, it is not so clean. I get relatively low quality (0.2) and very low angles (4).

I have basically put an O-grid around the whole wing, Also I am not using degenerate blocking, so the trailing edge is modelled as a thin flat edge

PSYMN May 3, 2009 14:34

Extend the topology...
You could have the ogrid structure extend out past the wing tip and thru to the far field...

Just imagine that the wing cross section topology extends from the root, past the tip and all the way to the far field... Except that between the root and the tip, the wing material is solid (or VORFN) and the volume between the tip and the Far field is fluid (or Live)...

Of course, once it pases the wing tip, you can fan it out and square it up for quality.

This is assuming you have a flat wing tip.

kepeng April 24, 2010 12:15

Your suggestions is very good. BUT, if the trailing edge is modelled as a line with zero thickness, how to deal such condition? The mesh at the leading or trailing edge sides could be meshed in the manner of airfoil, and the mesh at the wing roots or tips side, could use just a simple O-grid, then but how to combine those mesh together?

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